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I nearly wept when I got this to work on my laptop and external monitor; I can’t believe how long it’s been since I had the first version of After Dark! The best dose of nostalgia I’ve had in a while! For the first time in 20 years, I have flying toasters on my computer! My, how times have changed Great stuff!!!

The screen saver is very nice. I wished there would be all the other afterdeck modules incl. My only problem in Mac Catalina is that every once in a while the system pops up and requests to move the screensaver to the Trash Bin since from an unidentified developer. Although I go to the privacy settings preferences to allow opening the screensaver, it happens over and over again.

Its a bit disturbing. Any one has the same issues and maybe a solution to this problem? Works great for me on my MBP running Great screensaver.

No settings, alas. But it’s free and works on Catalina! I like the retro stuff. This a feel-good screensaver. I wish operating systems had more character like they did in the good old days. Nowadays everything is so sterile and there’s no way at all to add personal touches to your environment.

But this screensaver really helps bring back the memories of better OS days. Very, very well done. Installed and worked no problems. I think they are a great piece of art and they are very much missed, I flourished with them growing up with Windows 3. Not optimized for 4k screen. The instants of the toasters disappear before they are out of the screen, and none of them reaches the bottom left of the screen. Sadly does not work on multiple monitors, and doesn’t even make the second monitor black, wanted to like this, but that’s unfortunate Very nice.

It reminds on former times working with Windows XP. Now I have installed the screensaver to Windows 10 Pro x64 Version To activate goto settings-personalization-lockscreen, scroll to last entry: settings screensaver. Still have the original CD and run it on my XP machine. Shortly updating my machine and hope I can get it to run on Windows I like the falling bouncing balls Marbles the best.

Great thing, finally! Suggestions for a new version: user can use a configuration menue to define – background image and foreground image that reflects on toasters – light brightness and adjust color affects flying items only – light location affects flying items only. Pretty good. In fact I love it!

Except – no sound. I miss the Flying Toasters anthem Flying out of the sun The smell of toast is in the air When there’s a job to be done The Flying Toasters will be there! Have a question or problem?

Please post it on our message board no registration. Free 0. Message board Is your question not listed? Right-click the screensaver file where you copied it and select “Install”. If OS X complains the program can’t be opened because it is “from an unidentified publisher,” right-click the screensaver file and select “Open”, then click “Open” again. Anti-virus report for After Dark: Flying Toasters Our editors have reviewed all files and found them to be safe, but they are also checked automatically using many different virus scanners.

Sucks- no music or sound. Works on windows 10, but doesn’t really handle 4k displays that well. Nostalgia at its finest! Doesn’t work if you’re using nVidia surround. It’s not codesigned. After Dark Solitaire is, let’s face it, rather pointless. I played with it for a few minutes to make sure there’s no extra special secret ingredient that makes it more of a Super Solitaire , but found nothing.

This is solitaire through and through “Patiences” in the UK , differing from Microsoft’s free offering with some slightly prettier graphics and a few sound effects.

Foggy Boxes is a computerized version of one of the most popular paper and pencil past-times for students in a boring High School class – Tic-Tac-Toe probably being the number one work-dodger known as “Naughts and Crosses” in the UK – talk about a divide between a common language.

A two-player turn-based game, you start with a grid of dots, and on your turn, you have to connect a line between two of the dots.

The idea is to make a square, and the player with the most squares at the end wins. Sadly, as with all of the After Dark Games , you can only play this alone vs. He also makes you want to throw your shoe through the screen when he starts taunting you to go if you take too long to make your move.

Mooshu Tiles is the age-old children’s match-the-tile game originating from China, Mushu. Little tiles with a variety of patterns on them are stacked together in varying formations, and your task is to remove them all.

But you can only remove tiles that match and have no tile on either their left, right or both. Classic, addictive, and you even get a little fortune cookie proverb at the end if you complete the game successfully. And finally in the puzzles category – Roof Rats.

This match-em-up style game’s objective is to remove stories from a building until each of the little characters on the roof are low enough to jump to the ground and enjoy their freedom. Another mentally-challenging game that requires you to think ahead.

The one trivia game in the pack is Zapper! General trivia questions requiring either a yes or no answer are thrown at you, and the objective is to answer as many as you can correctly within the allotted time.

If you answer three in a row correctly, you get bonus points and extended time. This is great for quick breaks throughout the day, and you even learn something new every time you play. You’ll find the trick to getting the highest score most of the time is always choosing the answer that seems the most absurd. Just don’t answer “yes” to the “does the average American woman weigh over pounds?

Along with the suite of eleven games, After Dark Games also includes a screensaver could it call itself “After Dark” without one! The neat thing is, however, at ALL times, whether playing one of the games or having the screensaver activated, there’s always a toolbar running along the bottom that allows you to toggle the screensaver on and off, and launch any game you desire.

So if you left your computer alone for a few minutes, it’s very likely the screensaver will pop on and in a not-so-subtle manner persuade you to play a game. ADG is also fully set up to allow for multiple users, and keeps track of high scores in each of the games, so you can easily compete with anyone else that uses your PC.

And the interface couldn’t be simpler, with rules provided online for each of the titles, in case you’re not sure what to do. My only complaint concerning the game engine is that there’s no real provision for people who run their system at higher resolutions – the screensaver and game windows all fit tightly against a x screen, but then on a x desktop or higher, you may find yourself squinting at the action.

It would have been nice to provide a “zoom” mode that allows you to stretch everything into a larger window. All in all, After Dark Games is a very competent addition to the “misc” category of PC games, and while a few of the games are somewhat under par, most are actually just as the packaging advertises – “challenging and addicting.

The “gimmick” of the included screensaver works well, and has actually been my pick of screensavers for a while now. Brett recently reviewed Smart Games 3 , which may prove better value if you’re more inclined towards puzzle and word games plus, that package includes twenty different titles over ADG’s eleven.

If, however, you would prefer a more varied selection that crosses into the simple arcade and trivia genres, then check this one out. Screenshots from MobyGames. Philly 0 point. This was the best games I ever played and it also helped me with my typing skills. DOMO 0 point Windows version. Arvin 1 point. Play it on Android!! Susieq 0 point. LawrenceWolf 1 point Windows version.

Task Manager says there is a background process, but nothing happens with that. Mike Ross 4 points Windows version. Its been decades, since i played this game first time. I tried few versions but it didn’t work on windows This one is working fine even on Windows I am travelling 20 years back.

Hey, i downloaded the windows version. I haven’t played this game since I was a kid. Please help :. Niftysupermario56 2 points. Played this as a youngling, its so good to see it again. Missed you, roof rats :’. GoHybrid67 2 points Windows version. I’ve missed this game, I bought After Dark back when it was still just a screensaver before they actually made games out of it although if I remember correctly didn’t some of the screensavers have playability, like shooting the mimes and things like that?

Must make me one of the “old fart” generation as well. Morley 1 point. Jose Rivadavia 1 point. Alppa 0 point Windows version. I set up a Windows 98 VM and am attempting to play this! So far it’s working, I have it running like a disc in the VM, it begins the setup, but then it gets stuck at “Attempting to play Digital. WAV file” and doesn’t get past it.

Any suggestions on what I should do to get it past that part? Unicorn -2 points Windows version. Hi, the application opens up no problem but when I want to play the games it comes up with the following message How do I play the games?

Ashrak 3 points Windows version. You have to be an old fart like me to know about these older files. For Windows, including Windows After downloading the file, click on it to open it, then find the Setup file that says Application in the next column.

Once you click on setup, go through the setup process and it will work just fine. I just set it up for my father on his new laptop. Juve -8 points Windows version. B -2 points Windows version.

Finally I found this and is actually playing right now. Lacy -2 points Windows version. Genesis Fazbear 3 points. I love the games when I was a little girl , and know I want to play again. The games are fun. Good time killer. Samantha 3 points.

Bee bee 2 points. You have to make this into a andriod and ios app! With the original games! I have been waiting so many years! This is an app i would pay for!!! Wonderfully blessed 18 points. Please please please please make an Android app for these games these are the best games ever please make a Android app please please. What is the ‘classic environment’ and how can I run it to play these games? Downloads fine but my mac laptop wont run it.

Can anyone help me plzzzzz am tryna my hardest to download an still een ntn wrks AustinChase 1 point. I am obsessed with After Dark Games! I am so happy to finally find a downloadable version for my Mac! My grandparents still play these games on their computer!



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