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In versions earlier than 1. However, the ability to run memcached as a service is removed since version 1. Therefore, the installation steps are divided into two categories, part A for memcached prior to version 1.

Run a command prompt with elevated privileges , and type:. To change the configuration of memcached, run regedit. Suppose you wish to increase the memory limit of memcached, edit the value of ImagePath to the following:. In version 1. There are two locations that you need to download from. First, we’ll start with the executable file and supporting files. You can download them from GitHub. They keep the repository updated regularly with the latest versions. Make sure to download the correct files that your system will support, x64 vs.

My files are located on the C: drive at:. This list only contains a handful of Memcached Windows download links. The latest Windows download, at the time of this article, allows support for PHP versions 7. Download the file that fits your PHP environment description, x64 or x86, or thread-safe vs.

Mine is located here:. In my case, I’ve downloaded the installation file for PHP 7. After you’ve downloaded and moved the DLL file to the correct location and updated your php. The final step is starting Memcached in your Windows environment by running the following command:. There are two options for the first step of an installation in a Linux environment.

Wiki Many common questions are answered at the Memcached Wiki. Email Please feel free to bug us on the memcached mailing list. Need more information?

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Memcached windows download free. How to Install Memcached on Windows & Linux Servers

Free & open source, high-performance, distributed memory object caching system, generic in nature, but intended for use in speeding up. Download memcached-win for free. Memcached for Windows (Experimental) High-performance, distributed memory object caching system.


Memcached windows download free –

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