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Do not show Windows Tips. Turn off Consumer Experiences. Turn off all spotlight features. Set Telemetry to off switches to 1:basic for W10Pro and lower. Disable pre-release features and settings. Do not show feedback notifications. Always send do not track. Disable all apps from store, left disabled by default.

Turn off Store, left disabled by default. Do not sync anything. Disallow users to override this. Windows Search. Set what info is shared in search to anonymous only may be deprecated. Add “Run as different user” to context menu. None of these effective anymore in !!! Now handled by HKCU settings. Disallow web search from desktop search. Don’t search the web or display web results in search. Don’t allow search to use location. Delivery Optimization settings – sets to 1 for LAN only, change to 0 for off.

Disabling advertising info and device metadata collection for this machine. Disable CEIP. Prevent using sign-in info to automatically finish setting up after an update.

Prevent apps on other devices from opening apps on this one – disables phone pairing. Enable diagnostic data viewer. Disable Edge desktop shortcut. Filter web content through smartscreen. Left enabled by default. Disallow Cortana. Disallow Cortana on lock screen – seems pointless with above setting, may be deprecated, covered by HKCU anyways.

Turn off location – global. Disable Game Monitoring Service. Remove OneDrive from File Explorer. End machine registry settings. Clean up the default start menu. Don’t edit this. Creates empty start menu if -ClearStart is used. Custom start layout XML near the top of the script. Goodbye Message Function. Set-Executionpolicy restricted is the Windows 10 default. The UI tab houses options that allow you to tweak elements of Windows 10’s graphical environment, its appearance, and some visually accessible functionality.

From here, you can, for example, hide the search field on the OS’s taskbar or the network and shutdown options from its Lock Screen. Almost all options in UI affect the aesthetics of the OS and the ways you interact with it and don’t have an impact on resource usage or performance. You can tweak both Windows Explorer and the “This PC” folder that relies on it from the options you’ll find at the Explorer tab.

These options allow you to change the Windows 10 file manager’s looks and some of its features. You could, among other things, disable Explorer’s support for thumbnails for image and video files. Or maybe hide the Documents, Downloads, Music, and Pictures folders, that act as the default “libraries” for those types of files. At the Application tab, you can find even more features and apps you can remove from Windows However, this section feels as if it contains options Debloater’s creators couldn’t fit anywhere else.

That’s because some of those “applications” would probably fit the “Windows Apps” tab better. We’d suggest you avoid removing any of those since other software might rely on them.

In addition, most are considered essential parts of the OS. It would be better also to skip the Server , Unpin , Other , and Other2 tabs. Most options there either have zero impact on resources or only perform visual tweaks.

Some may even lock you out of your computer. After going through the tabs and enabling all options that caught your eye, move to the last one, Output. Click on the first button on the bottom left, Output PowerShell , and you’ll see a combined version of the scripts you enabled show up on the central part of Windows 10 Debloater’s window.

Check it out and ensure you agree with all included changes. Then, click on Run PowerShell on the bottom right to run the script and perform the tweaks.

You can also use the Save and Save As buttons to store the script to a file for future use or share with others. Finally, restart your computer for all changes to take effect.

After its next boot, your Windows 10 installation should feel much zippier than before. Windows Decrapifier and Debloater may look “too advanced” for many people. Even with the steps above, their actual use may feel like rocket brain surgery. And no, we’re not kidding: that’s the app’s real name.

Still, you might also have used some of its backup or recovery solutions. ShutUp10 is one of the newer additions to their family of products. In our case search for Decrapify to install on PC. Step 6 : Once you click on the Install button, Decrapify will be installed automatically on Bluestacks.

You can find the App under list of installed apps in Bluestacks. The latest version of Bluestacks comes with a lot of stunning features. Bluestacks4 is literally 6X faster than the Samsung Galaxy J7 smartphone. So using Bluestacks is the recommended way to install Decrapify on PC. You need to have a minimum configuration PC to use Bluestacks. Here is the Download link for you — Memu Play Website. Open the official website and download the software.

Step 2 : Once the emulator is installed, just open it and find Google Playstore App icon on the home screen of Memuplay. Just double tap on that to open.

Step 3 : Now search for Decrapify App on Google playstore. Download older versions Download Decrapify 0. You Might Also Like Keigo. Apex Bangladesh. Running the script twice will result in the same error but it seems that all the APPS are removed. Same script, same settings: “Run with no switches”. Love the script. One issue I am having is apps like Xbox Microsoft soltiare are remaining. Any guess? Is there a way with in this script to set IE11 as default for all users and pin it to the taskbar?

Question about the start menu layout. I would like to add the following that customized the task bar pin list. How can I incorporate the following with your script?

Thanks in advance! I really do appreciate what you do! Online Events. Log in Join. Get the code. Tested and works great in – Source Code This script has not been checked by Spiceworks. Please understand the risks before using it. Change many privacy settings to be off by default. Remove built-in advertising, Cortana, OneDrive, Cortana stuff all optional.

Disable some data collection. Clean up the start menu for new user accounts. Remove a bunch of pre-installed apps, or all of them including the store.

Create a more professional looking W10 experience. Changes some settings no longer available via GPO for Professional edition. All of this without breaking Windows.



Decrapify windows 10 download free. How To Easily Decrapify A Windows PC


Right click on the folder and select Properties to see how much space is being used. On my system it shows it is using 16GB.

But they all have the save version number. So now I have to figure out which, if any I can cleanup. By Ed Tittel. Like its predecessors, once you’ve run Windows 10 for a while, it can suffer from driver bloat. But using DriverStore Explorer and some simple techniques, you whittle down the number of obsolete or unused drivers that might be slowing you down.

It means that different systems will inevitably exhibit different behaviors, values and so forth. With that caveat in mind, take a look at the properties for your DriverStore directory: if it’s over 1 GB in size, I’d fire up RAPR and see what it can find; if it’s over 2 or 3 GB, you’ll definitely want to see what’s in there and get rid of what you no longer need or want. I’ve seen some instances where the folder’s size exceeded 4 GB, and read about some cases where it topped 10 GB.

Trust me: you don’t want to let things go that far. Version I Ron looked at was v0. This article provides some basic suggestions for speeding up your computer performance if it seems slow after a couple of years of use, including disk cleanup. As for cleaning up your drive. Go to search and type disk cleanup.

Let that run. To get rid of some of the windows apps you will need to open Powershell as and Administrator. Go to search and type Powershell. Right click on it and select Run as Administrator. Run the following command. This will create a apps. Easier to see this way. For example Xbox. To delete all the Xbox apps you would run the following in Powershell. Use the same command for any other app. Just replace the xbox. As for Defender you want to keep that up to date because it will protect against viruses.

You will need to make sure you keep on top of the Security and Critical updates, they also protect you. And I use an external drive for all my documents. If you do this you never have to have the files on your computer because you just work off your USB device.

That will save a lot of space too. First, check out this article how you can use an external drive to facilitate the upgrade:. Ways you can free up space:. Open Start, type: disk cleanup then hit Enter. Windows will scan your hard disk for files it can clean up. After Disk Cleanup completes its scan, click the button Clean up system files.

This will perform another quick scan including every file that can be removed. Pretty much everything in Disk Cleanup can be safely removed. If you keep files in Recycle Bin for safe keeping, you probably should remove them. Storage Sense helps automate storage management by automatically deleting files like temporary files and content in your Recycle Bin. Click Change how we free up space.

Enable and modify the settings you would like to be applied when you are running low on space. Under Local Drive, click your Local drive where Windows 10 is currently installed. There you will see a list of locations and the amount of space being used by each. If you click on one of the locations listed, you are not given many options except viewing the contents of the location and manually removing files you might no longer need.

The recovery partition used to reinstall Windows 10, can eat up a significant amount of disk space. If that makes you nervous, you can back up your recovery partition to a USB thumb drive, which you can use to reinstall Windows 10 when you need to. To do that, open Start, type: create the recovery drive and hit Enter. At the end of the wizard, you will be asked if you would like to delete the recovery partition.

Proceed to do so. The program is simple and easy to set up. Our previous article covers the details for scanning your drive and looking in the right places. Jamsoft provides a portable version of Treesize, so you can run it from a thumb drive and scan your system without using up disk space for the program itself. Moving infrequently used multimedia, like photos and videos, to an external drive can free up significant amounts of disk space.

Because of my Internet limitations, I still need to keep my music locally, so that means my iTunes library probably consumes the most space on my Surface Pro.

Archiving files to an external drive is easy. Before you do that though, you need to invest in an external drive. There are several backup methods you can use, but I always go with the manual method, which involves copying files from your personal folder to a backup folder on your external drive.

Select the files or folders then performing a drag and drop action using the right mouse button to your external drive. When the context menu appears, click Move here. Repeat this step for other folders where you keep large files. Was this article helpful? Yes No. Sorry this didn’t help. You spent way too long explaining what crapware is, and not long enough explaining how to get rid of it. Was this comment helpful?

Choose where you want to search below Search Search the Community. Rohn Article Author. Definition: Decrapify “Decrapify” has become a technical term for deleting “Crapware”, freeing up space on your computer. Introduction You expect a new computer to be optimized and ready to go.

By Mauro Huculak When your PC has limited storage space, or you simply want to keep things separate, use this guide to install or move apps to a different drive on Windows Thanks for your feedback.

How satisfied are you with this article? Thanks for your feedback, it helps us improve the site. Rachel Pierson. Report abuse. Ever since Windows 8, Microsoft has exacerbated this problem by insisting on including certain apps in its operating systems and, with the advent of Windows 10 and 11, the situation has only been getting worse. Some of the included apps can be useful but certainly not all included apps are going to be useful to all users.

There are quite a few programs that provide a method for users to get rid of unwanted apps but the majority are quite clumsy, not at all intuitive, and have the potential to cause serious issues if not used correctly. I have tested most of these types of programs and have sorted out two that are very safe and easy to use.

This is my number one choice. The download consists of a 1. This separation also provides a far greater degree of safety for the less experienced user. These hidden apps can often be associated with parent apps and removing the wrong ones can cause unforeseen issues. Login Join. This way, no surprises! Also sets most privacy settings to “opt-in” by default.

Not recommended for and earlier – although it will work, some settings will not. Version 2 is still available and works great on those older Windows builds. Editable variables are near the top of the script. There are 2: one for the apps you want to keep, and custom XML for a start menu layout.

If run with no switches, the script disables some unnecessary services and scheduled tasks. Removes all UWP apps except for some useful ones and ones you specify. Disables Cortana, OneDrive, restricts default privacy settings and cleans up the default start menu not the start menu of the account it is run from though.

Switches: -allapps: Removes ALL apps including the store. Make sure this is what you want before you do it. It can be tough to get the store back. They are set to restricted by default in this script. Cannot be used with -settingsonly switch. Can be used with all the others.

Leaves apps. Cannot be used with -appsonly switch. Can be used with all others -allapps won’t do anything in that case. If you have any questions or problems to report please come to the user group!

It is the best place to do so as I don’t check the comments section here that often. I’ve been waiting for this! Although I’ve made some edits to the Decrapifier V2, I can easily add those in here. I’ll throw this script on a VM and test it out. Thanks again for all your work! Operating system: Windows Publisher: yorkspace. Download PC Decrapifier.

PC Descrapifier is indeed so easy to use. In the blink of an eye and the touch of a button my computer was cleaned up and ready to go.

Easy to install and so very user friendly. I really don’t have any complaints at all,. Got crap? There are lots of apps that remove “bloatware” that come with new PCs including ones that turn off all that Windows 10 bullshit Why TF do I need ads for goddamn bejeweled in my start menu? Even though this software is effective, I’d recommend other software as PC Decrapifier is older and who knows if it keeps up with the constant changes in Windows Want to “DeCrapify” your computer?

PC Decrapifier is a software uninstaller that’s portable, uncomplicated, easy to use, and supports volume uninstalls.


“Decrapify” your Windows Computer – Microsoft Community.Windows 10 Decrapifier, 18XX/19XX/2XXX – Script Center – Spiceworks


The PC Decrapifier Free. User rating User Rating 5. When you get your hands on a brand new PC and boot it up for the first time, you should be able to sit back and watch it take off with blistering speeds and no bugs. Instead, your new computer may, in fact struggle to get started.

This is due to preinstalled junk bloatware that vendors dump onto new computers. This is where downloading a tool such as The PC Decrapifier eownload into play. The PC Decrapifier is a free tool can remove programs and unnecessary startup items, which will slow down your PC. Simply download and run it as there is no installer and it is self-contained.

When you do run it, Жмите сюда Decrapify windows 10 download free will walk you through, step by dolby digital download windows 10, on what to remove form your computer. All from a single windowed interface. Overall, The Decrapifier is a really great tool to erase unwanted software and stubborn files, which cannot otherwise be removed form your PC easily.

Your new PC should be great when you first get it, so using a tool windws this is a really good idea, and it is worth your time to clean out your new machine and get it running at optimal capacity. We don’t have any change log information yet for version 3. Sometimes publishers take a little while to make this information available, so please check back in a few days decrapify windows 10 download free see if it has been updated.

If you have any changelog info you can share with us, we’d love to hear from you! Decrapify windows 10 download free over to our Contact page and windows 13 download free us know. Amongst its many features this PDF reader includes printing, adding comments, e-signing yo. TeraCopy is a program to copy and paste large files at a decrapify windows 10 download free speed.

The program is used for windowz file transfers, large file sizes, moving files from separate hard drives. The program works on Win. Mozilla Firefox is one of the most prominent browsers for Windows desktops and laptops. The cross-platform application is available for Android, Apple Mac. WhatsApp bit for Windows is a free messaging application that lets users connect with friends and family winndows the world. As a cross-platform app, it syncs texts across devices—irrespective of whe.

Although the BlueStacks App decrapify windows 10 download free can run any Android app, its features are mainly. It also. WhatsApp is a free chat messenger for communication with phone numbers linked decrapify windows 10 download free the app.

The app is available on the mobile, both Android and iOS, as a web version for the browser, or as a desktop ap. It has been developed to overcome the issue that Turbo C 3 has with operating in full screen on 64 bit versions of Windows 7, and Wind. The PC Decrapifier 3.

Download Latest Version. TeraCopy TeraCopy is a program to copy and paste large files at a high speed. WhatsApp Messenger bit for PC Windows WhatsApp bit for Windows is a free messaging application that lets users connect with friends and family around the decra;ify.