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What are the domain functional level in Windows Server ? What are the forest functional level in Windows Server ? What is global catalog server? Which is the deafult protocol used in directory services? What is IPv6? What is the default domain functional level in Windows Server ? In which domain functional level, we can rename domain name?

What is multimaster replication? What is a site? Which is the command used to remove active directory from a domain controler? How we can create console, which contain schema? What is trust? Windows Server and MS Exchange interview questions 1. What is DHCP? How we configure DHCP?

What are the types of backup? Explain each? List them. Describe the lease process of the DHCP server. Disaster Recovery Plan? Logical Diagram of Active Directory? What is Kerberos? Which version is currently used by Windows? How does Kerberos work? Microsoft Exchange Server interview questions 1.

Distribution List? List the services of Exchange Server ? How would you recover Exchange server when the log file is corrupted? Sysadmin interview questions 1.

What is a level 0 backup? What is an incremental backup? Name key files or directories on a UNIX system that should always be backed up. Name key files or directories on a Windows system that should always be backed up.

What is RAID 0? Why is it better than 0? Why would you NOT want to encapsulate a root directory with Veritas? What is concatenation? What is striping?

What is a spindle? Networking questions 1. What is a default gateway? How do you set a default route on an IOS Cisco router? What is the difference between a domain local group and a global group? Global groups contain grant permissions tree or forest wide for any objects within the Active Directory. What is LDAP used for? What tool have you used to create and analyze packet captures? How does HSRP work? What is the significance of the IP address The questions are fairly generic: 1.

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Tell me why I should hire you? What does customer service mean to you? Why did you leave your last job? Describe your definition of a team player? Sight examples of when in the past you have proven to be a team player? How would you handle a conflict with another employee?

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Authoritative restores of schema-naming contexts are not supported. How many domain controllers need to back up? Or which domain controllers to back up?

Minimum requirement is to back up two domain controllers in each domain, one should be an operations master role holder DC, no need to backup RID Master relative ID because RID master should not be restored. How policies get replicated from one DC to other DC? Check more about: how sysvol replication works. Check more about: force sysvol replication on Windows and force sysvol replication on Windows and windows server After the domain controller restarts, it replicates the any necessary changes, bringing it up-to-date with the other domain controllers within the domain.

After the necessary configurations have been made, Active Directory marks the local SYSVOL as authoritative and it is replicated to the other domain controllers within the domain.

Active Directory real time issues and solutions By ganesamoorthy s June 9, As an Windows AD Administrator I have many Active Directory real time issues and solutions, we have seen the questions like, Tel me about 2 real time issues which you have faced in your current Active Directory environment, share one or two challenging issues which you have worked and resolved, Tel me most challenging issues you recently involved.

Many of my blog readers are asked to share couple of real time scenarios from my past experience to preparing for an Windows and Active Directory interview, list of articles from my previous post, read and understand to face the interview confidently.

Find your job match or Get your personalised skills analysis. More and more companies are realizing the power of cloud services and networks. With the release of Office , Cloud services, and employees working away from the office, collaboration is crucial. Ensuring the networks that connect employees and allow access to the documents and projects within an organization is therefore critical to allow organizations to function efficiently. This means that the demand for good network administrators and system administrators who understand Active Directory is increasing.

What is Active Directory? Define Active Directory? Active Directory is a database that stores data pertaining to the users within a network as well as the objects within the network. Active Directory allows the compilation of networks that connect with AD, as well as the management and administration thereof.

What is Domain? What is a domain within Active Directory? A domain represents the group of network resources that includes computers, printers, applications and other resources. Domains share a directory database. The domain is represented by address of the resources within the database. A domain address generally looks like A user can log into a domain to gain access to the resources that are listed as part that domain.

What is the domain controller? The server that responds to user requests for access to the domain is called the Domain Controller or DC. The Domain Controller allows a user to gain access to the resources within the domain through the use of a single username and password. What is Tree? Tree is a hierarchical arrangement of windows Domain that share a contiguous name space. What is Forest? Explain what domain trees and forests are?

Domains that share common schemas and configurations can be linked to form a contiguous namespace. Domains within the trees are linked together by creating special relationships between the domains based on trust.

Forests consist of a number of domain trees that are linked together within AD, based on various implicit trust relationships. Forests are generally created where a server setup includes a number of root DNS addresses. Trees within the forest do not share a contiguous namespace.

What is Schema? What is FSMO? FSMO flexible single master operations is a specialized domain controller DC set of tasks, used where standard data transfer and update methods are inadequate. AD normally relies on multiple peer DCs, each with a copy of the AD database, being synchronized by multi-master replication.

Tel me about the FSMO roles? The schema master controls all updates and modifications to the schema. The infrastructure FSMO keeps its domain’s references to objects in other domains up- to-date by comparing its data with information in the Global Catalog GC. When moving objects between domains you must start the move on the DC which is the RID master of the domain that currently holds the object. It is also responsible for time synchronizing within a domain.

It is also the password master for want of a better term for a domain. Any password change is replicated to the PDC emulator as soon as is practical.

How to check which server holds which role? Netdom query FSMO. What is LDAP? Explain what intrasite and intersite replication is and how KCC facilitates replication? Intrasite replication occurs frequently while Intersite replication occurs mainly to ensure network bandwidth. The KCC allows for the replication topology of site replication within sites and between sites.

Name a few of the tools available in Active Directory and which tool would you use to troubleshoot any replication issues? Due to its graphical nature, replmon. What tool would you use to edit AD? The Adsiedit. Since Adsiedit. How would you manage trust relationships from the command prompt? It allows administrators to join computers to domains. The application also allows administrators to verify trusts and secure Active Directory channels. Where is the AD database held and how would you create a backup of the database?

The database is stored within the windows NTDS directory. It is the repository for all of the active directory files.

It stores all the important elements of the Active Directory group policy. Briefly explain how Active Directory authentication works? When a user logs into the network, the user provides a username and password. The computer sends this username and password to the KDC which contains the master list of unique long term keys for each user. The KDC creates a session key and a ticket granting ticket. Microsoft Installing and Configuring Windows Server 1 Page 1 out of You have a server named Server1 that runs Windows Server R2.

Server1 has the Hyper-V server role installed. On Server1, you create a virtual machine named VM1. VM1 has a legacy network adapter. You need to assign a specific amount of available network bandwidth to VM1. What should you do first? Add a second legacy network adapter, and then configure network adapter teaming. If the primary domain controller goes down, a backup domain controller is promoted and becomes the primary domain controller to preserve the server systems working appropriately.

While preparing Windows server interview questions and answers, you have to apply for the post of windows administrator in different companies they will call you for an interview and you will get the ideas of what type of questions they ask. A tree is actually a collection of domains in the Active Directory that starts at one root and branches out into child domains, peripheral.

This can similarly comprise an adjoining namespace linked in a transitive order. An Active Directory forest is an assortment of Active Directory trees, just like a real-world forest. It is used to create different multiple virtual machines on a single physical server. It also minimizes the cost of hardware and increases efficiency. Bit-Locker is an encryption security feature available that will encrypt everything on the drive that Windows is installed upon.

Right-click and choose Turn on BitLocker from the context menu to encrypt a whole drive. These files include group or user policy information or data. Server Manager is a management console workstation used to monitor and control a network locally or remotely in Windows Server. It helps I. Trust relationship allows access between two domains. A trust relationship between two domains allows user accounts and global groups to be used in a domain other than where the accounts are defined.

Primary Zone: The file is saved as a standard text file with filename. Secondary Zone maintains a read-only copy of the zone database on another DNS server. Also, it acts as a backup server to the primary server by giving fault tolerance and load balancing. Stub Zone includes the server copy, and S. Start of Authority records used to minimize the DNS search orders.

The directory services are like a database for storing computers, users, objects, etc. Use the internet protocol if you also want to search for information from the server, email, and another program. Prepare your windows server interview questions and try to get a junior-level position and try to get hands-on experience for the great experience and a job in a well-reputed company. The main goal of PowerShell is to run administrative tasks which work on both local and remote Windows machines.

PowerShell is built on the. A WDS expands a wireless network through different access points. A wireless base station attaches to the Internet. It has wired and wireless clients and sends its wireless signal to an access point that functions as a wireless repeater. It should be restored on the same domain controller.

This article contains a fine collection of windows server interview questions and answers. You can get help from these server administrator interview questions provided in this article to prepare for your interview. You can also share with us some interview server questions and answers that you have been asked by the interviewer, in the comments section.

The administrator should be responsible for the complete installation and make sure it is working. Thank you for the interview questions. It helps a lot to know about windows server. An interesting topic and helpful post. Informative article, Thanks for sharing the information, I was searching for this type of informative article. It solves my mostly problem now only some stuff is remaining. A typical server allows its administrator to set the lease time.

Ans- A failover cluster is a group of servers that work together to maintain high availability of applications and services. If one of the servers, or nodes, fails, another node in the cluster can take over its workload without any downtime this process is known as failover. Relay agents are used to forward requests and replies between clients and servers when they are not on the same physical subnet.

What is Hyper-V? Ans- Hyper-V is Microsoft’s virtualization platform, or ‘hypervisor’, which enables administrators to make better use of their hardware by virtualzing multiple operating systems to run off the same physical server simultaneously.

What are the type of network in Hyper-V? Ans- There are three type of networks in Hyper-V a Private Virtual Network:- This type of switch is bound to the physical network cards located in the host. What is Virtual Machine Snapshots? Snapshots provide a change log for the virtual disk and are used to restore a VM to a particular point in time when a failure or system error occurs.

Ans- Windows Deployment Services is a server role that gives administrators the ability to deploy Windows operating systems remotely. WDS can be used for network-based installations to set up new computers so administrators do not have to directly install each operating system OS.

What is prerequisites for WDS? Ans- Following are the requirements for WDS a b c d What is WSUS? Ans- Windows Server Update Services WSUS , previously known as Software Update Services SUS , is a computer program developed by Microsoft Corporation that enables administrators to manage the distribution of updates and hot fixes released for Microsoft products to computers in a corporate environment.

WSUS downloads these updates from the Microsoft Update website and then distributes them to computers on a network. What is group policy? Ans- Group Policy is a hierarchical infrastructure that allows a network administrator in charge of Microsoft’s Active Directory to implement specific configurations for users and computers. Group Policy can also be used to define user, security and networking policies at the machine level. What is GPO? Ans- Group policy object GPO is a collection of group policy settings.

It can be created using a Windows utility known as the Group Policy snap-in. GPO affects the user and computer accounts located in sites, domains, and organizational units OUs.

What is RAID? Ans- Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks is a data storage virtualization technology that combines multiple physical disk drive components into one or more logical units for the purposes of data redundancy, performance improvement, or both. RAID 0, also known as disk striping, is a technique that breaks up a file and spreads the data across all the disk drives in a RAID group.

The benefit of RAID 0 is that it improves performance. If a drive should fail, there is no redundancy and all data would be lost.

RAID 1, also known as disk mirroring, is the replication of data to two or more disks. Disk mirroring is a good choice for applications that require high performance and high availability, such as transactional applications, email and operating RAID 3, uses striping at the byte level and stores dedicated parity bits on a separate disk drive.

RAID 3 requires a special controller that allows for the synchronized spinning of all disks. Because data and parity are striped across all of the disks, no single disk is a bottleneck.

Striping also allows users to reconstruct data in case of a disk failure. The usable capacity of a RAID 0 1 array is the same as in a RAID 1 array made of the same drives, in which one half of the drives is used to mirror the other half.

RAID 1 0, configuration requires a minimum of four disks, and stripes data across mirrored pairs. As long as one disk in each mirrored pair is functional, data can be retrieved. If two disks in the same mirrored pair fail, all data will be lost because there is no parity in the striped sets. Home Windows Server Interview Questions. Wha 59 0 KB Read more. Your name. Close Submit.



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