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The safest and easiest way to test an operating system is inside a virtual machine, because it works right from your current OS, thus you don’t need to modify partitions or deal with backups in order to do a standalone installation. In this tutorial we’ll show you how to download a legal copy of Windows XP, Vista , 7, 8. Read on and see how to:. You can use fewer resources, but the experience won’t be that good. If you’re not familiar with Microsoft’s modern.

Microsoft built these VMs in order to allow web developers to test their websites on all versions of Internet Explorer, but you can just use them to test the Windows of your choice on your current machine. Note that at this point you can also switch to downloading Virtual Machines for Mac and Linux. In this example I’ll pick Windows 8. These Windows copies are actually Enterprise versions of Windows which are running in trial mode with a days expiration period.

This is enough however to test the OS and see if you like it. Besides, you can reload the VM at a later time and start fresh or you can use snapshots in VirtualBox, which we’ll cover further down below. Right below the Virtual Machine selection, you can pick what platform you need.

For Windows 7, you can also pick Virtual PC. You now have the option to download the entire VM as a single file or in several archive parts. If your connection is not fast, we recommend a download manager because the XP VM is about 1.

At this point you can see the Windows Build number you will be downloading. A link to a PDF with installation instructions is also provided. Note that Microsoft recommends using snapshots for reverting the Virtual Machine back to that state, later on. We covered the Virtualbox Snapshots feature further below. The file or files you downloaded are compressed as ZIP.

We recommend 7-Zip for extracting the contents, but you can use any file compression utility as long as it supports. If you downloaded the VM in multiple parts, simply right click the first archive ending with zip. At this point you can delete the downloaded. Or you can clean-up at the end of the tutorial if you wish. Next you can load the VM and start it. For VMWare Player, you first need to download and install it.

VMWare Player is free for personal use, but you do need to enter an email address in order to start it. Any email address. Next, within the VM files extracted previously, locate the. Double-click it to start the import process. VMWare Player also supports. Afterwards, the VM restarts and a network connection is available once logged in. You can now check for Windows Updates if you need to update the OS, and go from there.

First, download and install VirtualBox. From the VM files previously extracted, double-click the. This starts the import process. This will open the Import dialog from where you can browse for the. VirtualBox also supports. You can edit settings on this step. Once the import is finished, you can just double click the VM from the list to start it. Before the first start though, you should consider creating a Snapshot explained below so you can restore the VM to it later on, after the trial period expires.

VirtualBox has a Snapshot feature, which basically saves the current state of your VM and can later on be used to restore the VM to that particular state. This is similar to the System Restore option in Windows, except the activation period won’t revert as well.

If you do a Snapshot before the first use of the VM , just after the import, you can revert to it after the trial period expires. It won’t have any programs or settings that you added during the use of the VM, but it will save you the trouble of re-installing the VM from scratch. It’s basically a backup of the initial state of the VM. Note : During my tests, I noticed XP does allows you to revert to a Snapshot done after the initial use and reverts the expiration date as well.

This way, you can install software, take a snapshot, and later on revert to it while keeping the license active, with the remaining activation days from the time the Snapshot was taken.

Enter an appropriate name and description, something to make you remember the exact state the VM was at. You can repeat the process for another snapshot if necessary. Click on the snapshot you want to restore from the list of available snapshots. Click the “Restore Snapshot” button or right-click the snapshot and choose “Restore Snapshot”.

Download an ISO for Windows Download an ISO for Windows 8. Microsoft just removed these links but you can use any of the other options in this article. These links point to Digital River, a trusted resource, and are unmodified versions of Windows 7 with SP1.

After installation you need to register Windows 7 in 30 days or, for testing only, use the VirtualBox snapshot feature we mentioned above.

They are active for 90 days and you’ll need an Microsoft account in order to start the download. Login or register. This option might not be available for long either. Choose the OS you want. Make your selection and move to step 3. Proceed with downloading as single. That’s it, after the import finishes, you’re now in the Windows VM of your choice. You may also get a prompt to update WMWare Tools, which we recommend you do. By default, the VM installs without a network connection, so if you need one, you can do this: 1.

Click “Add” in the Settings window that opens. Choose “Network Adapter” from the list and click “Next”. Choose the desired type of Network connection and click “Finish”. VirtualBox Snapshots VirtualBox has a Snapshot feature, which basically saves the current state of your VM and can later on be used to restore the VM to that particular state. Select the Snapshots tab. To restore a snapshot, do the following : 1. Here are some ISO downloading options : 1. Download an ISO for Windows 10 2.

Download an ISO for Windows 7 Microsoft just removed these links but you can use any of the other options in this article. That’s it. Stay Connected Follow us to get the latest tech tutorials, news, and giveaways as soon as we post them. Have a Tech Question or News Tip? In order to receive feedback about your question please enter your email below or login register. How to shrink a disk volume beyond the point where any unmovable files are located. How to move Pagefile.

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Oct 16,  · Windows 10; Many schools use online testing for formative and summative assessments. It’s critical that students use a secure browser that prevents them from using other computer or Internet resources during the test. The Take a Test app in Windows 10 creates the right environment for taking a test: Take a Test shows just the test and nothing else. Follow these steps to create installation media (USB flash drive or DVD) you can use to install a new copy of Windows 10, perform a clean installation, or reinstall Windows Before you download the tool make sure you have: An internet connection (internet service provider fees may apply). Jun 27,  · Download Speedtest by Ookla for Windows 10 for Windows to troubleshoot and verify your Internet speed with prior, real-time, detailed reporting tests. Speedtest by Ookla for Windows 10 Subcategory: Games Utilities & Editors.